We’ve gathered a lot of the questions you may have about Techstars Startup Week Taiwan. If you still have questions please chat with us via the chat feature on this website or send an email to taiwan@startupweek.co

Q: What is Startup Week?
A: Techstars Startup Week Taiwan is celebration of entrepreneurship and startups. We’re gathering speakers for panels, workshop leaders and other startups to share knowledge and best practices.

Q: The events sound great, how do I register?
A: We use the scheduling platform Sched and the events are listed on our main homepage. Simply click on one of the events and you’ll be prompted to Sign Up or login under the session title. After providing your name and email you’ll be able to add and remote events from your own schedule. When the week starts you’ll get an email each day of your scheduled activities.

Q: WOW — impressive workshops and panels — how much should I pay for each event and how much does it cost?
A: All events are free to attendees. Some events may provide drinks, snacks or food.

Q: I want to attend 2 sessions on the same day but it is inconvenient for me to go back to my office, where can I work?
A: We get it! Free coworking is available daily during Startup Week Taiwan at Taiwan Tech Arena. Register for the coworking and use the wifi at a hotdesk for the day.

Q: I want to host an event or allow my space to be used, what do I do?
A: Although the 2018 program is set, for 2019 we welcome any suggestions of sessions or facilities. Just email taiwan@startupweek.co to be added to the list for the 2019 event.

If you are interested in sponsoring Taiwan Startup Week we would love to hear from you! Email us here »